A decade ago, Face Recognition Software found its utility only in highly secured environments" />

A decade ago, Face Recognition Software found its utility only in highly secured environments like defense establishments and research facilities of confidential & critical products.  Fast Forward to the year 2020, the elite technology that has very limited utility value has transformed to be the savior of many applications used in diverse industries.

In today’s world, Industries like manufacturing, mining, and construction are challenged with 

  • Handling a large number of employees in diverse locations & harsh conditions
  • Poor network connectivity for attendance marking
  • Scalability over multiple access points
  • Possible theft & proxy attendance
  • Integration with HR/Payroll systems
  • Multi-lingual support for a wide range of ethnic groups

Employee absences can fall through the cracks and cause businesses to overspend on the payroll. Additionally, some absences may be due to malicious behavior, such as employee theft. Therefore, the human resource team should have a way to track employee attendance so that they can resolve any issues that may arise. 

Construction and mining industries are a group effort that, depending on the scale of the project, can involve anything from hundreds to thousands of people. It is simple to keep track of a small team, but it becomes more challenging when there is a large number of people to manage.  This is where face recognition comes in for the rescue. It helps industries to monitor productivity and safety on the job site.


FaceViz is designed specifically to meet the ever-changing needs of these industries. Powered by the best facial recognition technology and plenty of industry-specific features, FaceViz offers precise attendance monitoring for construction, mining, and other such industries. It can effortlessly and accurately track time and attendance with customized event logs and reports that are available in real-time.

Faceviz and its USPs

DataMoo.AI’s solution- Faceviz can increase employee productivity by 40%, cut administrative costs by 20%, and save 25% supervision time. The cost savings are even higher as the data received is in real-time and valid. Faceviz boosts your business with an automated time-tracking system, more reliable worker attendance, and intelligent integration. 

The automated time tracking system of Faceviz helps to monitor each employee’s productive time and attendance accurately. It can be simply linked with an HRMS or Payroll system, making data organization simpler. It capitalizes on the abundance of cameras on mobile devices, thereby negating the need for any extra hardware to implement a face recognition time clock system. This is cost-effective and convenient as compared to other biometric systems. It can also be used offline where there is poor network connectivity.

As the world becomes more digitized, the potential uses of face recognition technology are becoming endless – from security to marketing to law enforcement. When a CCTV is equipped with a Faceviz application, it can accurately monitor who is coming in and out of the construction area. Doing so can significantly reduce security problems on the job site. To know more about DataMoo and Faceviz, click here.

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