AI Powered KYC Framework

KYC - Headless Framework

eVerify - KYC Verification Made easy

The New AI powered eVerify is a unique headless framework that extracts data from any ID proof. Today KYC (Know Your Customer) is a very important process for all our businesses, and this new service makes it simpler than ever before by taking two photos of the user’s document – one their own ID card and another, a selfie to ensure they are who they say they are. 

Our machine learning software then processes both images using deep neural networks, extracting details from the cards which include names, date of birth etc., encrypting them before storing in a NoSQL database so users can view but not edit or access personal information.”

  • Deep Learning
  • Face Recognition
  • API
  • NoSQL Database

The text recognition detects and identifies the boxes of the text areas in the image and further identifies each character individually.

The Adopted Serverless architecture (also known as serverless computing or function as a service, FaaS) reduces the need for servers.

Optimized for speed and flexible for all kinds of integration like mobile and web. The data is encrypted and stored in the database.

Natural Language Processing

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Our AI Powered OCR framework extracts information from any business documents in any format automatically. It enables automation of entire end-to-end business processes, which is more effective than doing it manually. 

Data can be found in both structured and unstructured formats such as images, PDFs, text files or even handwritten notes. The IDP framework has built upon many neural networks to extract this data no matter what its source may be (templated/structure) so that it can then parse all of them before extracting important bits which are converted into excel sheets for further analysis.

  • NLP
  • Deep Learning
  • OCR, Tesseract
  • ELK
  • AI / ML

AI Powered OCR


State of the art, deep learning models along with an AI powered OCR engine are packed together to retrieve data from any format image, table, PDF into text.

Inference engine is powered with FastAPI, a new framework in Python to create microservices. More secure and scalable.

The document capture aka data extraction transforms unstructured or semi-structured data into structured data, which helps in automating many tasks.

Cloud AI

Cloud Computing and Edge AI

Industrial AI

Edge analytics is a new model of data analysis where incoming data streams are analyzed at non-central points in the system, such as switches,peripheral nodes,sensors or connected devices. These models can improve productivity and reduce human error by being deployed on microcomputers running AWS Greengrass that enables automation within Industrial processes. We have created this standard framework with custom built machine learning models that are then hosted locally to gather decentralized input while also processing it wherever necessary for further integration into larger systems.

We’ve developed a standardized approach using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Greengrass – which allows us to deploy our own artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms onto small computers like IoT sensors or PCB boards . This method enables local collection and computing of raw sensory information before sending any processed results back.

  • AWS Greengrass
  • AWS Sagemaker
  • Deep Learning
  • IoT

Bring local compute, messaging, data management, sync, and ML inference capabilities to edge devices

IoT is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines that has ability to transfer data over network.

Connected Machines are emerging technologies in manufacturing industries where the operation are interlinked between machine to machine signals via PLC and IoT.

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