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Sales teams have long been using automation tools to help them with tasks like emailing, scheduling, and customer relationship management. But what about field sales teams? How can they benefit from automation tools? Automation tools can create powerful operational efficiencies that enable sales teams to easily manage customer data and records, automate tedious process steps, track customer relationships and trends, schedule appointments, and optimize how requests are routed.

Furthermore, they provide actionable insights to ensure that the team is executing its strategies efficiently. In essence, automation tools help save valuable time and resources so sales teams can achieve maximum performance.

Client Profile

Our client is one of the leading enterprises who provides quality operational, maintenance, technical and management solutions to the services and contracting industry.


The primary objective of this project is to save your on-field representative’s time by automating the field sales process. This includes features like


Employee Tracking


Route Assignment


Working Hours Calculation


Geographical Reach Analysis


Face Based Attendance


Time Tracking

 we hope to increase the efficiency and productivity of the employees.

Key Challenges

The company’s primary and secondary sales teams both face the challenge of accelerating their cycle and updating sales data quickly. Traditional paper-based communication, manual call reports, and other sales-related tasks are time-consuming and expensive. These increased expenses significantly and reduced employee efficiency and productivity, leading to a prolonged sales cycle. By automating these processes, the sales teams can focus on higher-value tasks.

Our Approach

The goal of this project is to create an Android app that allows field sales executives to reach out to customers with ease and update sales data from anywhere, anytime. Further features include tracking attendance of on-field employees, effective communication channels, curating customized route plans, collecting customer and employee feedback and evaluating employee performance with daily reports. After discussing project requirements and brainstorming potential solutions, we proposed an Android app with Web-based control that is intended for field sales automation and tracking.

The Solution

Faceviz, a secure and powerful mobile and web application is designed to make sales processes simpler. The mobile app is designed for sales executives and features live tracking as well as Geo Tagging & Timings for field visits. This helps keep activity transparent and reliably records entries with their associated timings.

The web application helps senior executives in grouping individual locations to set off nearby locations (clusters) which can be assigned to field employees. Our Machine learning based cluster reduces travel distance for individual employees. So employees can cover more locations in a given time. The ML-based routing assists the senior executives to nurture route information to employees for efficient fieldwork.

The app further doubles as an on-the-go digital assistant for field sales executives and serves as an invaluable aid in customer visits where the employees can see the customer information, track their progress with monthly target, weekly target,etc. In the absence of internet connectivity, Faceviz will save data and automatically update once the connection returns.

Technology Used

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