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Our Retail Shelf Analysis is a new software solution that provides brands with more data for Share of Shelf (SoS) and Share of Facing (SoF). Using real time data, the Data Driven Dashboard will provide quick insight to help you make decisions faster. 

Our unique framework can be used by all merchandisers in order to collect retail shelf analysis so they have better insights on what goes where while also ensuring brand integrity.


Custom Face Recognition, Pose Detection

Face recognition and pose detection are two technologies that are rapidly changing the world of artificial intelligence.  Facial recognition is the process of identifying a person based on their facial features, while pose detection seeks to identify whether a face in an image is facing upwards or downwards. The AI of Datamoo uses deep learning algorithms to detect them and also determine the gaze direction of the face based on the object it’s looking at. 

Our Vision API, is a unique framework that detects and classifies face, detects age and gender, provides facial landmarks and key points details as JSON. The SDK is very light weight which seamlessly integrates with Android or iOS applications to train your own model using minimalistic data files. 

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Deep Learning Model For Semantic Image Segmentation

Image Detection, Segmentation and Instance
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We craft innovative products and provide services in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning using Deep learning techniques – an emerging technology that uses artificial neural networks to learn hierarchical representations of sensory input such as images, sound waves or sentences. 

Our computer vision expertise helps us maintain a high accuracy rate while analyzing large volumes of visual data for further processing via machine learning algorithms like clustering & classification.  We partner with clients looking for Data Driven Decisions, transforming their businesses through

  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Data Science
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