Solving real-time problems is the key to organizational success, growth, and competitiveness. At FaceViz, we recently had the opportunity to tackle a unique challenge in the construction industry – attendance management. Today, I am proud to share how our geo-tagging solution revolutionized attendance tracking for one of our valued customers!

The construction industry comes with distinctive characteristics that demand specialized approaches. Attendance management, in particular, has been a significant hurdle due to factors such as

  • Remote work locations

  • The seasonal nature of work

  • Unpredictable project schedules

  • A transient workforce, and

  • The ever-present issue of time theft and buddy punching.

However, with our innovative geo-tagging method, we were able to turn the tide! By leveraging location-based data, we provided our customers with a robust and efficient system to track and manage employee attendance. The results were astounding, and we are thrilled to share the advantages we brought to the table:


Elimination of Buddy Punching: Our solution empowered the construction company to eradicate time theft and buddy punching, ensuring that the recorded attendance was always accurate and reliable.

Accurate Attendance Tracking: With real-time geo-tagging, our customer gained precise insights into the presence and availability of resources on-site, enabling better planning and resource allocation.

Enhanced Security: By verifying authorized personnel at specific locations, we bolstered security measures, protecting the construction site from unauthorized access.

Remote Employee Tracking: The system proved especially valuable for tracking remote or field-based employees, ensuring they were working at the correct location.

Transparency: Real-time geo-tagging fosters transparency between employees and employers, as both parties can view and verify attendance data.

Efficient Payroll Processing: Geo-tagged attendance data can be directly integrated with payroll systems, reducing the time and effort required for manual data entry and processing.

Streamlined Workforce Management: Managers can make informed decisions regarding workforce planning, scheduling, and resource allocation based on accurate attendance data.

Emergency Response: In case of emergencies or safety drills, knowing the exact location of employees can be crucial for evacuation or rescue efforts.


The benefits of our geo-tagging approach go beyond the construction industry, as it can be applied to various verticals with a significant number of resources working in the field. FaceViz aims to help organizations overcome challenges and deliver exceptional customer experiences while achieving sustainable success.


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