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We Create The Most Realistic Artificial Intelligence

DataMoo is one of the best machine learning development companies that provides artificial intelligence cloud solutions to digitize your business process.

AI has been steering its wheels into different industries by allowing businesses and policy makers to rethink their strategies and steps involved in integrating information and analyzing large amounts of data. This has led many stakeholders, including xpolicy makers, to have a new perspective on decision making. Unlike other passive machines, AI can be designed for this purpose using real-time data. 

We at DataMoo help our clients’ transition from the passive machine utilisation to stimulation softwares that is equally intelligent as humans. We enable companies to build software systems using AI that helps in decision making with human expertise. AI works with machine learning and data analytics. The abundant data availability and being sufficiently robust can be utilized to develop intelligent algorithms.

Who we are

Our Mission and Vision

We are a team of scientists and researchers who use AI to revolutionize the industries in all sectors.

Our vision  is to revolutionize the industries of all sectors through AI so that it dominates economic development in our nation

Our mission is to create AI that will dominate the economic development of our nation.

  • We apply AI in all the processes through Machine learning.
  • We help Industries innovate and change the traditional processes to technology upgraded processes.
  • We help in harnessing the abundant availability of data for analysis and decision making.

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Why DataMoo AI ?

We build longer relationship with our clients

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way industries operate. Industries are developing efficient processes with AI to increase their competitive edge over others. In this era of competitiveness, where every industry needs a competitive advantage, we help to implement Artificial Intelligence into necessary processes within an organization. We further ensure that privacy isn’t lost through our strategies along with human oversight and control throughout these process changes for increased efficiency and productivity. This will see tremendous change using AI technology.

Our approach to each and every Industry is different. We try to understand the industry, their processes and work towards delivering the most optimized solution which can contribute to increasing their Output. 

We follow three stages of implementation:

  1. Engagement 
  2. Customization 
  3. Scale up engagements by diving into business strategy with data driven insights


Our Clients

Our Services

Services we provide for our clients

We specialize in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning. 

Industrial AI Platform

Unique AI platform that serves many solution to Industries

Chat Bots

Conversational AI powered personalized digital assistants.

Document Extraction

AI powered OCR to extract text from PDF and other sources.

Retail Analytics

Share of Shelf, Share of Facing for Brands

Marketing Analytics

Understanding the Market patterns and predict the sales

Customer Analytics

Customer pattern and behavioral analytics.

Sales Analytics

Time series forecasting of your POS data.

Data Viz

Modern Data Visualization frame to narrate data story


AWS Cloud, Sagemaker, Cloud computing


AZURE ML, ML Studio, Azure Datalake


Google Cloud AI, Kubernetes and Minikube


Watson Chatbot Assistant, Master Data Management.


Learning Management System for educational institutions and corporates.


Customized CRM both open source or leading professional version.


Human Resource Management System Sentrifugo, iceHRM, OrangeHRM


Opensource ERP implementation for colleges and schools.


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