Faceviz: A New Approach To Manage your on-field representatives

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On-field workforce can be a challenging and competitive environment. To effectively manage your on-field personnel, a sound employee tracking solution is essential. Faceviz offers features such as accurate employee location tracking and real-time employee data that can be critical for the well-being of your business.

Without access to a system like this, potential problems such as:


  • The visibility of your on-field representative’s whereabouts

  • Planning and scheduling visits effectively

  • Slow/unreliable manual order processing

  • Attendance Validation

  • Lack of data on the company’s reach 

Faceviz provides key benefits to companies in terms of employee tracking, beat/route assignment, working hours calculation, geographical reach analysis, and more. Employees can create and modify their visit plans, which can then be viewed and approved by the assigned manager. Various reports offer insight into employee performance and activities helping management take action promptly, aiding both staff members and the company as a whole.

What does Faceviz do?

With Faceviz, tedious communication processes have become a thing of the past. With its intuitive and user-friendly design, on-field representatives can easily record attendance, visits, images, location, and day results. This employee tracking app lets on-field representatives report their work from any location and allows administrators to access these records with ease all through a web-based control panel.
GPS location tracking ensures the accuracy of this information. At the end of each day, Faceviz emails automatic reports to both on-field representatives and managers with all recorded visits during that period. This eliminates the need for tedious follow-ups regarding daily reports from personnel affiliated with your company.
With Faceviz, reporting is easy and efficient. Moreover, numerous reports are available to measure the performance of on-field representatives and evaluate their work-related tasks. With this tracking system in place, companies can make prudent decisions that align with both the team’s and the company’s objectives.

The Features of Faceviz

To ensure that the clients are getting the best possible service, Faceviz tracks the number of metrics including the average hours spent with each client, the average travel distance, the average work hours in the field, and the client coverage. It can also track customer happiness, target achievement, missed visits or calls, and new client addition.
Additionally, It can track idle time, the number of visits, and whether tasks are closed on time. The field agents can now spend more time with clients and less time traveling between locations using the route assignment. Finally, Faceviz can track the sales, collection, order, delivery, and service achieved.
Faceviz offers a comprehensive range of features that can be accessed via the app or website. Their features include the ability to take selfies and group photos, detect faces offline, set up user creation profiles, access shift rosters and time trackers, view attendance reports on a calendar basis, receive alerts, and train and test models for accuracy.


There is no limit to the number of industries that can benefit from Faceviz software. The app can be used to track field representatives in a variety of industries, including construction, transportation, real estate, publishing, healthcare, field service, agriculture, and retail. By using Faceviz, companies can improve their operations, increase their efficiency, and improve their bottom line. In today’s competitive business world, Faceviz can give you the edge you need to succeed. It provides an efficient and cost-effective way to plan, deploy, and track employees, allowing businesses to make better decisions and boost productivity. Please reach out to know more: reachus@datamoo.ai

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