Beyond Clocking In: Advantages of Attendance Management with Face Recognition

Welcome to the wonderful world of attendance management! A world where clocks reign supreme, pens run out of ink faster than you..

FaceViz Geo-Tagging Solution Delivers Real-Time Success

Solving real-time problems is the key to organizational success, growth, and competitiveness. At FaceViz,..

Enhance Productivity and Efficiency : Integrating Faceviz with Salesforce

Attendance management is a crucial aspect of workforce management that organizations cannot afford to overlook. Proper...

Faceviz- Attendance Tracking Application For Field Resources

Attendance tracking for resources on the field is a critical task in most of the organization. It helps in monitoring employees’ attendance,...

Faceviz: A New Approach To Manage your on-field representatives

On-field workforce can be a challenging and competitive environment. To effectively manage your on-field personnel,...

Welcome to DAT- Our 5 in 1 Data Annotation Tool  

This Machine Learning Glossary aims to briefly introduce the most important Machine Learning terms - both for the commercially and...

Face Recognition Technology in the Mining Industry

Facial recognition technology has been hailed as a game-changer in a variety of industries, from retail to law enforcement. However, its use in the mining industry is often underrated...




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